19th century French fireplace with over-mantel

Reference : 2024031

19th century French fireplace with over-mantel: This antique French limestone fireplace is a Classic, but although of monumental appearance it is not vast at all. It will find its place in a refined interior, in a historical room or a contemporary space featuring eclectic Truly Reclaimed materials.

Although its side jambs, lintel and in particular its overmantel and cornice feature Classic carved moulding in the stonework, this chimneypiece evokes elegance rather than ostentation.

On the right side of the side jamb, hidden for 140 years as it was embedded in the wall, we see written in pencil « L’an mil huit cent quatre-vingt-deux » which translates as « in the year of Eighteen hundred and eighty two ». There’s therefore every reason to suppose that this signed inscription dates the chimneypiece to 1882.

Overall weight: 610 kg (1,345 US lbs)

Dimensions approx:

  • Overall height : 250cm (99 inches).
  • Overall front-to-back : 67cm (26 inches).
  • Over-mantel : Width 104cm x Height 137cm x thickness 9.5cm.
    Over-mantel : Width 41 inches x Height 54 inches x thickness 3.75 inches.
  • Lintel : width 132cm x shelf depth 21.5cm x thickness 20 cm x height at top 114cm.
    Lintel : width 52 inches x shelf depth 8.5 inches x thickness 8 inches x height at top 45 inches.
  • Side jamb width : 10cm (4 inches).
  • Width between jambs 108cm x height below lintel 94cm.
    Width between jambs 42.5 inches x height below lintel 37 inches.

On display in our Maine & Loire showroom at L’Hôtellerie-de-Flée north of Segrè (49). 

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