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Reclaimed Parquet / Floorboards / Beams

Antique wood flooring, reclaimed oak flooring

BCA have France’s most extensive stocks of genuine reclaimed wood flooring, particularly our antique floorboardsreclaimed herringbone flooringVersailles flooring and reclaimed parquet flooring. We also re-mill antique French oak into flooring in classic formats such as Versailles panels, chevron, herringbone, parquet, wide boards and reclaimed floorboards. BCA also have France’s best stocks of reclaimed oak beams, antique wood floor, and supply wood work, antique oak doors and panelling, shutters. For more than 20 years, we have the biggest stock in France of reclaimed parquet flooring, reclaimed floorboards, versailles flooring, reclaimed wagon boards …

Antique oak flooring, antique pine flooring

The antique oak flooring or the antique pine flooring brings an incomparable charm to your project. Very often in massif, the reclaimed antique wood flooring has a natural patina with the passing time. The reclaimed french oak and the french pine are very different. The French oak is very famous throughout the world. Prove it by visiting BCA Matériaux Anciens !



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