Oak chevron « TROUVILLE » parquet

Reference : 2023019

Oak chevron « TROUVILLE » parquet : This new antiqued « TROUVILLE » oak flooring ressembles historic antique oak chevron parquet with those characteristic mixed grey tones that centuries-old oak develops over time. However it is an engineered version, not solid oak. Being thinner than antique reclaimed oak chevron parquet, and having a plywood base, it is often chosen by clients for installation onto an underfloor heating system.

Dimensions :

  • Side length : 500 mm (19.7 inches)
  • Width : 100 mm (3.94 inches)
  • Thickness : 15 mm (0.6 inch)

For solid reclaimed antique oak chevron parquet see BCA refs 01067 and 49073

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