New light oak ODEON chevron

Reference : 202274 | 202275

New light oak Odeon chevron : In either engineered or solid oak, this ODEON version is in light tone oak featuring a « distressed »  upper surface. This Classic chevron format of French parquet is iconic in Parisian Haussmann era apartments, chateaux and « Maison de Maître » mansion houses in general. Also known as « Hungarian Point » it is chosen for contemporary interiors too.

Each piece is an individual pointed-end (45°) board with tongues and grooves on all 4 edges. The engineered and the solid oak versions are pre-finished with a colourless varnish. The edges feature a hint of black paint which, when installed, gives the effect of the gaps that are typical of historic chevron floors in-situ. It’s a fact that when central heating meant that interiors were dryer than before, the parquet floors shrank slightly leaving thin gaps to open up giving that « black line » look to antique parquet floors.

Being newly-made it permits large quantities of this ODEON oak chevron product to be specified over time, whereas BCA’s higher priced authentic antique oak chevron parquet references 01067 & 49073 are prepared « ready-to-lay » in our workshops from limited reclaimed stocks. The refs 01067 & 49073 are often destined for high-end and historic projects.

Different format available :

  • 202274 : Engineered oak chevron : thickness 16mm x width 90mm x length 500mm with 4.5 mm of top-layer oak.
    202274 : Engineered oak chevron : thickness 0.65 inch x width 3.55 inches x length 19.7 inches with 0.18 inch of top-layer oak.
  • 202275 : Solid oak chevron : thickness 14mm x width 90mm x length 500mm
    202275 : Solid oak chevron : thickness 0.55 inch x width 3.5 inches x length 19.69 inches
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