Reclaimed stone flooring

These antique stone floor or reclaimed stone flooring bear the marks of time, with nuance and patina in limestone from Bourgogne, Caen, Provence. France’s best stocks of reclaimed stone flooring, paving and tiling, blue-stone, terra cotta tiles, quarry tiles, limestone or pierre de Bourgogne, reclaimed stone floors, authenticity for interiors and exteriors. Also explore our ranges of new natural stone flooring, carefully crafted to reproduce old flooring.

Antique flagstones shows the wear of time, has patina and colour nuances. From antique Bourgogne stone and various other French limestones, slate, sandstone and granite, terra-cotta and decorative floors like octogonal tile with corner squares, we stock a large selection of antique tiles that can be re-used on many of your projects. An authentic antique tiled floor gives a unique one-off style to your rooms, possessing a style that is very hard to imitate with new alternatives. More decorative versions with motifs can bring unique charm and historical authenticity to your project when carefully chosen as such. Rare are the reproduction tiles and synthetic flooring that come close to the real thing.

Antique reclaimed tiles can have dimensional variation from one consignment to another, which is described on our website stock descriptions, although many references with good continuity of supply are fairly regular. They are suitable for all rooms, from bathrooms to living rooms to covered loggias to conservatories and greenhouses. It’s wise to take into account your rooms’ dimensions and sub-floor support onto which you’ll fix them before starting works. Looking through our stock selections you’ll observe to what extent the different references have different surface finishes (matt, shiny ….).


We’ve been supplying our antique reclaimed flagstones to projects in France, throughout Europe and across the world for over 25 years. The warm aspect and natural authenticity of old stone appeals to clients around the world. We have also developed ranges of new natural stone flooring and associated products. The new stone can be prepared thinner than antique stone, often an important criteria for projects where new « antiqued » stone is more appropriate (and economic) than rare reclaimed antique stone, and the various finishes we’ve developed are designed to suit different eras and styles.


Our stone tiling is suitable for interiors and many for exteriors too. They are genuine pieces of French history. In fact they can bring an interior back to its authentic appearance following inappropriate past « improvements », and thereby enhance the property whilst increasing its value. We try to save the best possible floors from buildings of character. Once cleaned, sorted, and sometimes re-cut (for example to reduce their thickness) the flooring is ready for re-use in its second life. So please enjoy to the full bringing back to life EG: chic historic tiled floors with black cabochon corners, hexagons or check format, or different nuances of the many Bourgogne limestones, or square Caen limestone tiles, which are genuine heritage materials that should and must be saved for re-use. This flooring is hardly likely to be removed from important heritage properties, they are sourced by BCA Matériaux Anciens usually in the context of redevelopment or re-building to current regulations when redundant buildings are upgraded for contemporary uses.


Consider using a surface treatment after installation in order to waterproof the surface particularly where frequent cleaning is likely to be required. Treatments should only be applied when the antique stone flooring is fully dry, but by following stone treatment manufacturers’ guidelines and instructions as though for new stone, and by doing some preliminary tests on off-cuts, this aspect should not be problematic.


We also market a wide range of traditional decorative cement-based tiles (carreaux de ciment) for flooring and walling, which we have lightly « antiqued » on its upper surface and edges. They are the same as the old ones, made the same way, but new and convincingly made to the authentic finish. Genuine antique carreaux de ciment are often available but rarely in the surface areas required, so are particularly awkward to source and then market in the right amounts. Therefore think carefully about whether it is old or new or a combination that will be the most appropriate for your project whether ancient or contemporary, and we’ll move together to supplying you with our great stocks of which we are justifiably proud.

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