Patrimoine Heritage OPUS flagstones

Reference : 2022135

Patrimoine Heritage OPUS flagstones: New limestone flagstones carefully antiqued to replicate our Truly Reclaimed antique stone floors such as BCA refs 00289, 10096, 01364 etc. These are often the choice for limestone flooring and exterior paving for centuries-old properties. To look as authentic as can be in new more affordable stone our ref 2022135 Patrimoine Heritage OPUS flagstones is an appropriate choice.

So these limestone OPUS format flagstones are NOT antique reclaimed. This is NEW rustic limestone that is convincingly “distressed” using several different aging processes including hand-tooling, with different flagstones receiving differing amount of “distressing”. A distinct advantage is that we can make bespoke sizes and thicknesses to order, a frequent requirement for « high end » projects. For your special size, edge profile or thickness requirements please contact us well in advance.

The special sizes which characterise this « OPUS Romain MH » flooring is our combination of 7 formats A to G, as described below. 

Dimensions : 

  • A x 3 slabs: 406 mm x 271 mm (16 x 10.66 inches)
  • B x 4 slabs: 271 mm x 541 mm (10.66 x 21.3 inches)
  • C x 2 slabs: 406 mm x 406 mm (16 x 16 inches)
  • D x 4 slabs: 541 mm x 406 mm (21.3 x 16 inches)
  • E x 4 slabs: 676 mm x 406 mm (26.6 x 16 inches)
  • F x 2 slabs: 676 mm x 541 mm (26.6 x 21.3 inches)
  • G x 3 slabs: 816 mm x 406 mm (32.13 x 16 inches)

The standard OPUS Romain MH thickness = 19mm to 20mm (approx 0.75 inch).
They are pre-packed in modules of 4.95 m2 (53.3 sq ft) comprising 22 slabs per module.

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