Interior Feature & Furniture

In this broad category at BCA Antique Materials you’ll find various interior fittings and furniture, from classic bathroom items old and new, through to eclectic new furniture such as tables and benches.

Antique furniture 

When the items are « one-off » antiques such as 100 year-old washbasins and clawfoot bath-tubs, then the reference number is specific to that single antique item. However other products are reproduction or contemporary and can be supplied in quantity, and the descriptions make that clear. This applies to the stone reclaimed sinks, shower-trays and wash-basins in a range of sizes and finishes. We maintain a limited number in stock, and more are made to order.

There is an emphasis on the use of solid natural materials for the items of new furniture, so you’ll see reclaimed oak and pine re-used for some tables, and new or old stone slabs for others. For example limestone table tops can match the stone tiling you’ve also chosen from BCA for your floors.

Many of our clients selecting stone and wood flooring are interested in taking their interior furnishing decisions in parallel, and will therefore purchase our eclectic furniture, and kitchen and bathroom fittings, like our reclaimed baths, to match. Not being tied to and limited by industrially-made furniture and furnishings is part of our strength, since last century, so personalized choices often made-to-measure are for us the norm. We aren’t waiting for next season’s container loads of standardized wares to be shipped around the world !

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