Antique oak bar or Objet d’Art support

Reference : 2024017

Antique oak bar or Objet d’Art support: Shown on these photos used as a island bar top, it can also be used as an eclectic statue or Objet d’Art support, providing rusticity in contrast with the valuable sculpture placed upon it.

In fact this one-off piece is the extremity of a huge centuries-old structural beam. Truly Reclaimed, cleaned and sanded smooth whilst retaining its surface patina, it can find a new life recycled. Being careful and prudent about its stability in a new location (if in doubt fix it to the floor) it will add a character to any eclectic interior.

Let us know if you need more similar, as we have hundreds of tonnes of antique French oak beams in stock so can prepare more.


  • Section : 47 cm x 44 cm (18.5 x 17 inches)
  • Height : 109 cm (43 inches)

On display in our new showrooms at our extensive Pont-L’Évêque premises, near deauville in Normandy.

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