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In this category you’ll find genuine antique reclaimed walling stone, and new natural stone alternatives. You’ll find stone for interior and exterior walls, or both. Our clients are successfully using our Reclaimed Walling Stone and our Ashlar Blocks when their aim is to make newly-built walls that are authentically old, and sometimes indistinguishable from original walls when working on a historic building or gardens.

Stones for wall cladding

However we also have access to top quality quarried stone, particularly limestone, and have solid walling stone and thinner wall cladding made in a choice of sizes and surface finishes, from very rustic tooling through to the chic nearly smooth walls of noble buildings. This new stone is being supplied across France and exported, and we accept bespoke stone orders for architectural and landscaping projects. This bespoke capacity enables architects and designers to design the specifications they want, and we can have the stonework made to measure and delivered directly to site, wherever that may be.

Whilst all antique reclaimed walling stone already has an unmistakable weathered patina, we can to a certain extent replicate that with new stone options. Once the walls are built it weathers naturally and to a variable extent. The weathering will depend on the initial surface finish, the climate, the orientation (sun or shade?), and the presence of vegetation. Remember that with natural stone products you have the certainty that it « ages well », which is rarely the case with synthetic materials used for walling.

In addition to the stone walling materials, and Ashlar blocks, check out our ranges of antique reclaimed flagstones and flooring, paving, antique fireplaces and architectural and garden features. We’ve specialized in antique reclaimed materials, and new natural alternatives for over 30 years. We have a highly professional team, working from two principal premises with depots and showrooms. Look at our stocks via this stock website, which we keep up to date on a daily basis. You are welcome to visit, so please contact David by phone or email.

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