Wall cladding

We stock various thinner stone for cladding walls, inside or out, to give an authentic stone wall appearance. The right architectural choice of facing stone is so important to the buildings’ or landscaped retaining walls’ final appearance, an architectural decision. Our antique reclaimed limestone cladding, for example sawn from the undersides of antique flagstones, will bring charm and antique authenticity to your project.  We also supply new stone alternatives.

Wall cladding in stone

Stone size :
Traditionally a classic stone house would be constructed with regular dimensioned “ashlar” stone for door and window surrounds, quoins etc, often with a rougher coursed stone for the foundation and infill walls. All this would of course be structural. Nowadays a lower cost alternative is to use stone cladding applied to walls built for example in concrete or timber-frame etc. At BCA we can supply antique limestone cladding for walls that need to look centuries old, but we also offer new stone cladding in standard or bespoke sizes, with various surface finishes, thereby permitting specification for larger scale projects, whether “historic” or “contemporary”.

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