New stone floor

New flagstone, natural stone

At BCA Matériaux Anciens, we now offer a ranges of natural new flagstones.

Some are new flagstones that are replicas of the reclaimed flagstones that we can offer you. Others retain a natural surface for more contemporary projects. Being a natural stone, it will acquire over time a natural worn patina to approach reclaimed flagstones. For a swimming pool, a terrace or for your interior rooms, new flagstones in natural stone will bring quality and authenticity to your projects. In limestone, granite, blue stone and slate, marble or sandstone and Travertine, our natural stone is offered in different configurations. Each type of stone may or may not be laid indoors or outdoors, depending on thickness, density and the climate of course. The natural stone slab will also have the advantage of having various and varied formats as standard, but also the possibility of bespoke sizes that can match your project requirements.

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