Patrimoine range of BCA

Our Patrimoine range

We have created this PATRIMOINE range of natural limestone flooring , paving and walling featuring aged patina on surfaces and edges. Specify them for use on classic projects, and these matching « antique » stone floors will seamlessly flow from room to room, and even extend to exterior terraces. Specify PATRIMOINE limestone steps for changes of level, and PATRIMOINE walling as your natural stone choice to match the flooring and paving inside and out.
This beige-sandy coloured  PATRIMOINE limestone has character and nuance variation that ressembles original regional stone floors recently restored. From natural flagstones with hand-tooling, to chic lightly-worn octagons with blue-black cabochons, designers can confidently specify the PATRIMOINE range for traditional authenticity throughout their projects.

patrimoine Limestone Tile

01219Lightly patinated Patrimoine flagstones
01510 - Antique tooled finish Patrimoine flagstones
01595Lightly patinated Patrimoine hexagons
201555Heritage Patrimoine flagstones
01099Patrimoine Lightly patinated check tiles

Patrimoine stone tiles with cabochon corner squares

01147Lightly patinated Patrimoine octagon tiles + large cabochons
01012Lightly patinated Patrimoine tiles + medium cabochons
201705Lightly patinated Patrimoine octagons + terra-cotta cabochons

Patrimoine Stone cladding

201642Antique hammered finish Patrimoine ashlar cladding
2019112 - Patrimoine coursed rubble cladding
201643Patrimoine stone quoins

Marche "Patrimoine"

01504 - Antique tooled finish Patrimoine steps
01388 / 201645 / 201646 - Antique finish Patrimoine pavers
201604 - Antique finish Patrimoine blocks
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