Lightly patinated Patrimoine octagons + terra-cotta cabochons

Reference : 201705

Lightly patinated Patrimoine octagons + terra-cotta cabochons : We prepare this natural limestone flooring cutting to octagonal format, then giving it a lightly aged patina to the upper surface and edges in order to closely replicate historic centuries-old floors, particularly from the 18th century. Using our reclaimed antique French terracotta squares for the “cabochon” corners is a variation on the classic blue-black corner squares of our refs 01147 and 01012.

See BCA’s ref 01219 lightly patinated limestone flagstones for doing matching perimeter borders and doorway thresholds in the same stone.

Dimensions :

  • Octagons : 300mm x 300m (11,8 x 11,8 inches) and thickness 18mm (0.7 inch)
  • The “Cabochon” corner squares : 125mm x 125mm (4,92 x 4,92 inches) x thickness as close to 18mm as possible (but generally a little thicker)

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