Octagonal tile with corner squares

This centuries-old stone floor pattern can transform an interior into a classic masterpiece. There are several octagon tile options which typically feature either a regular octagon, or a square with four smaller corners cut. The limestone octagons have a contrasting blue-black stone or terra-cotta square « cabochon » which is of course supplied too. The resulting floors are classic, and are highly appropriate for historic period interiors.

It is not always possible to have enough antique reclaimed flagstones octagons with cabochon stone floors available, so many clients opt for our more economical new limestone options named « Patrimoine » and « Cathédrale ». We have the upper surfaces of this new stone aged to a greater or lesser extent, there by giving an appropriately worn patina. The result is durable due to the relatively dense stone we use, which will also gain more patina over time.

Bespoke sizes of octagonal cabochon

We can have bespoke sizes made to order with a lead time of a few weeks. This gives design professionals scope to personalize their projects with special sizes, perhaps with a single cabochon per tile rather than four, with borders and thresholds specified to the size required on site…… let us know what you need. We also supply limestone hexagon tiles, and for example can also supply lozenge shapes to combine with the hexagons.

We have successfully been supplying genuine antique stone flooring, and our new « antiqued » stone floor alternatives to projects across France, Europe and worldwide for over twenty years. We welcome visitors to our premises to view our stocks and our showroom floors.

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