reclaimed flagstones

BCA’s antique reclaimed flagstone will bring an incomparable authenticity to your. In limestone, sandstone, granite, marble or slate, reclaimed flagstones bear the marks of time and worn patina. It is this natural patina obtained over time that makes the ancient slabs unique and sought after. For a exterior terrace or an interior room, our reclaimed flagstone can be integrated into contemporary projects or more classical and historic projects. Generally very thick, our reclaimed flagstones are very robust and the finish of the stone will be very variable according to the stone type and the use to which it had been put. We are able to saw some of these stocks, the limestone in particular, down to an easier to install thickness, typically approx 30mm (1.2 inches). However consult us if your requirements differ.

Antique flagstones

The limestone flooring from “Bourgogne” is a noble hard dense limestone, with many quarries across a wide region providing different stone colours but best known for its creamy beiges. Truly magnificent in its natural state, the limestone from “Bourgogne” is appreciated for its authenticity and its ability to be integrated into projects of different styles. The burgundy stone brings a warm atmosphere thanks to the nuances of the stone. Limestone comes in light beige and cream through to dark beige, but other quarries had more ocre and sometimes red shades, even through to blue-greys. Our stocks are well defined and visible so come and see them for yourselves. Used in so many historical places in France and elsewhere in Europe, it has been used for centuries for its beauty and robustness and the way it slowly builds a beautiful patina over time. Being such a hard dense stone, ideal for exterior even in frosty climates, its slowly built up patina is hard to successfully replicate except on softer limestones from elsewhere.

For more than 20 years BCA Matériaux Anciens have been supplying customers high-quality antique reclaimed Bourgogne limestone to projects across France and exported all over the world.

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