Checkerboard floor

Checkerboard floor is a style of flooring that features a checkerboard pattern (also called a chessboard). It generally consists of tiles of two contrasting colours, such as black and white.

We often choose stone checkerboard tile for a classic and timeless design. We find it in various spaces such as grand entry halls and salons, but also in kitchens and bathrooms. Indeed, checkerboard flooring is versatile and adapts to different rooms of the house. It suits both modern and historical spaces, whether indoors or outdoors.

The checkered floor can create an illusion of space, especially when used in smaller rooms. It can also impart a sense of grandeur and brightness.

Our natural stone checker floors are durable materials. With proper treatment, they resist stains and moisture. They are a suitable choice for high-traffic areas in private properties and rooms exposed to water.

Our antique checkered floors tile offer an ideal solution for a subtle blend of traditional stone and modernity. With such distinct contrast, checkerboard floors bring authenticity to any room.

Checkered tiles embody geometric elegance. Stone Cabochon flooring, on the other hand, presents an equally charming aesthetic but with a different approach. These two options, although distinct in their patterns, share a commonality: the authenticity of Classic stone floor design.

The inherent natural variations of natural stone of checkerboard floors add character to each tile. This ensures a unique and distinguished look for your floors, rather than industrial uniformity. Our ranges include diverse styles and sizes that will fit seamlessly into your design vision.

Do you seek classic checkered tiles for a traditional historical ambiance, or a more contemporary interpretation for a modern flair? Whatever, our checkerboard floors offer endless possibilities.

Transform your home with our carefully curated selection of stone checkerboard floors.

Black and white checkered floor

Different materials make up black and white checkerboard floor, such as limestone, marble, slate, ceramic, and even cement. The choice of material will depend on factors like budget, durability, and the desired style.

The use of black and white checkered tile can also vary based on the stone tile size and pattern layout. Some prefer larger tiles for a modern appearance, while others opt for smaller tiles for a classic look. They can be laid parallel with the walls, or diagonally.

Checkered floor, synonymous with refinement, adapts to all styles of decor. Indeed, although often associated with classic styles going back to Roman times, black and white checkered flooring also integrate into contemporary designs. This depends on how it works with other elements in your decor.

The price of black and white checkered floor can vary depending on the chosen material, tile size, and origin.

Black and white checkerboard floor is the classic combination. However, our range also includes red and white checker. A red and white checker creates contrast or harmony with other elements in the room (walls, furniture, accessories, etc.).

Our range of antique black and white checkered flooring offers combinations of colours and materials. It personalizes your floor according to your preferences.

At BCA Antique Materials we understand the importance of creating a space that reflects you. That’s why our antique black and white checkerboard tile are made with high-quality materials. This ensures durability and the aesthetic result.

The timeless charm of antique black and white checkered tile transcends eras. It adds a touch of sophistication to your space. The combination of black and white is timeless.

Over the years, black and white checkerboard floor has been at the forefront of many trends. Today, the black and white checkerboard pattern continues to be popular in interior architecture.

The versatility of black and white checkerboard provides a timeless and elegant aesthetic. So, it seamlessly fits into different decor styles. Its timeless appeal reflects a lasting and appreciated aesthetic choice, not just a passing trend.

Marble checkerboard floor

A marble checkerboard floor typically refers to a flooring pattern made with alternating squares of marble tiles. This creates a visual effect similar to a traditional chess board. Marble is a natural stone known for its elegance, durability, and variety of colours and patterns.

Marble checkerboard floors are often used in interior design to create a visually appealing pattern. The natural veining in the marble adds a unique and luxurious touch.

You can enhance the allure of your space with the timeless elegance of a marble checkerboard floor. Our selection brings together the classic charm of marble with the sophisticated appeal of a checkerboard pattern. The intricate blend of black and white marble tiles provides a versatile and visually stunning flooring option.

The most common colour combinations for marble checkerboard floors include black and white. The size of marble tiles can vary, allowing for customization based on the design concept and the size of the room.

Maintenance of marble floors typically involves regular cleaning and sealing to protect the stone from stains and wear. Marble is a durable material, but it may require regular maintenance to preserve its original appearance.

Seek the services of a professional for the installation of marble checkerboard tiles. The nature of marble and the care required to lay a checkerboard design make it worth involving professionals. A skilled artisan ensures an aesthetic and durable result.

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