Cement tiles

Appearing at the end of the 19th century, these decorative floor tiles made with coloured cements quickly became fashionable thanks to the varied colors and the many motifs. These cement tiles were quickly chosen for the homes of the “bourgeoisie”, and in public buildings and churches in the same way that comparable “encaustic” tiles were. They have recently become fashionable again, and these cement tiles (BCA have antique reclaimed, and also newly made tiles) bring the charm of yesteryear and a 19th century Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau or Art Deco touch to interiors depending on which pattern is selected. These cement tiles never actually went out of production, and are chosen again for flooring and wall tiling.

Antique Cement Tiles, Reclaimed cement tiles

With old cement tiles reclaimed during demolition projects, you will bring the charm of the old to your project. At BCA we have reclaimed antique job lots, but we also offer new “repro” cement tiles made in exactly the same way as they always were, and we can supply these new tiles with pre-patina and waxed.

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