Antique reclaimed French oak floorboards and brushed

Reference : 201528

Characteristics of reclaimed oak floorboards :

Antique reclaimed French oak floorboards and brushed. Consignment of reclaimed antique French oak floorboards that we have cleaned off by feeding through BCA’s surface brushing machine giving a matt unwaxed and very natural rustic surface finish to the boards. The board ends have been trimmed. Large surface area in stock. Metric Dimensions approx: • Typical Lengths: 1800mm to 2000mm • Mixed widths: 120mm to 420mm (with a lot between 200mm and 300mm) • Thickness: +/- 30mm. Imperial Dimensions approx: • Lengths: 70 inches to 78 inches. • Mixed widths: 4.75 inches to 16.5 inches (with a lot between 8 and 12 inches) • Thickness: +/- 1.2 inch

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