Reclaimed French oak loft floorboards, brushed

Reference : 201528

Characteristics of reclaimed oak floorboards :

Reclaimed French oak loft floorboards, brushed. These antique French oak floorboards are post Industrial Revolution and often have the marks of mechanical sawing (as opposed to pit sawn or age hewn) that may be very worn, but show that they aren’t as old as our older refs 201610, 201683 & 201775. We clean the old oak soft floorboards by feeding them through BCA’s surface brushing machine. This leaves a matt natural rustic surface finish to the boards, but they are otherwise in original condition and not re-calibrated (consult us for that to be quoted in addition). The board ends have been trimmed when necessary. Large surface area consignments in stock with provenance mostly from lofts rather than historic rooms. Metric Dimensions approx: • Typical Lengths: 1500mm to 2500mm • Mixed widths: 120mm to 350mm (with a lot around 200mm) • Thickness: generally 20m to 30mm. Imperial Dimensions approx: • Lengths: 60 inches to 100 inches. • Mixed widths: 4.75 inches to 14 inches (with a lot around 8 inches) • Thickness: +/- 1 inch

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