Reclaimed Floorboards - Antique Floorboards

Reclaimed floorboards (as opposed to parquet) are in this separate category because they are wider and longer than reclaimed parquet flooring, and often more rustic. Our reclaimed oak floorboards usually come in widths averaging between 150 mm (6 inches) and 200mm (8 inches). However although they are often wider than that, and some consignments are exceptional, the boards rarely exceed 300mm (12 inches) in width. Close scrutiny of these boards, particularly on their backs, show the proof of their age when they are pre-Industrial Revolution. The irregularity of the pit-saw tooth marks and the central « break away » triangle are unmistakable. We look forward to you visiting so that we can show these historic features, and also all our reclaimed wood flooring. Some even show having been finished using an adze.

Reclaimed oak Floorboards

Reclaimed oak planks are highly appreciated for their robustness as well as for their authenticity in historic buildings, whether great or small, in many European countries. The consignments generally feature mixed widths and mixed lengths for a good reason, as they were sawn economically in order to make maximum use of the tree trunk at the time, and thereby minimise waste. More regular floorboards are often available when sourced from more prestigious « noble » buildings, where the owners could afford it.

BCA’s reclaimed hardwood floorboard stocks are mainly of French oak, but we occasionally have chestnut and elm floorboards too. Brushed, waxed, oiled, varnished or simply left natural they bring charm and authenticity to interiors, and after such a long life elsewhere (usually several hundred years) they will retain their natural patina for many years to come in their new location, and gain even more patina depending on how they are maintained and treated.

Reclaimed pine Floorboards

In recent years we have seen an increase in demand for reclaimed pine floorboards. They are appropriate and sought after for Alpine style chalet new-build and refurbishment projects, for flooring, walling and ceilings. Our reclaimed slow-growth softwood floorboards are far more economic than our antique oak floorboards.

We also offer ranges of reclaimed parquet flooring and more economic new floorboards. Made of high quality materials, solid or engineered, BCA’s new floorboards are carefully aged to create exceptional patinas, that will bring a high degree of visual authenticity to your project but at a more affordable cost.

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