Reclaimed wide pine boards – brushed

Reference : 202006

Reclaimed wide pine boards – brushed on their upper surface. This is a consignment of “cheese boards” with intriguing provenance, because these old pine shelf boards were used by a cheese-maker for storing and maturing the cheeses. When they become surplus to requirements or rejected after years of use, they are reclaimed for re-use as thick floor boards, partitions or wall cladding, or for rustic furniture-making. Their upper surfaces are slightly worn by the cheeses sliding over them over time, thereby providing character and patina, and for this consignment we have rotary brushed their upper surface. Reclaimed from a French Comté cheese-maker in the Jura region of France, the timber is believed to be “Sapin des Vosges”, a slow-growth spruce. They are supplied either straight-edge, or for an extra charge we can mill tongues and grooves. Metric dimensions approx : lengths 230cm x width 32cm x thickness 35mm. Imperial dimensions approx : lengths just over 90 inches (over 7 ft 6 inches) x width 12.5 inches x thickness 1.38 inches. Large stock available.

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