Antique reclaimed French oak floorboards – Pre-prepared for installing

Reference : 201775

Antique reclaimed French oak floorboards – Pre-prepared for installing, but retaining their upper original patina which has been brushed (but no treatment applied). These antique floorboards have been adjusted by planing the undersides to achieve a relatively even thickness.

They have been calibrated to several regular widths to be supplied either “straight-edge” or with Tongues and Grooves too. Truly reclaimed 18th & 19th Century Antique French Oak (if not older !) which helps clients lacking experienced joiners with the antique floor-laying skills accustomed to reclaimed floorboards. This pre-preparation is a great help as they are ready to lay. These photos show them simply waxed after installation.

Options possible : with straight-edges OR with Tongues and grooves

Dimensions approx:

  • Lengths predominantly from 1500mm to 3000mm
  • Board widths from 130mm to 280mm, but typically around 200mm
  • Board thickness : 20mm, or 22mm, or 25mm (1 inch) or let us know your requirement and we’ll assess feasibility depending on current stocks

On display and in stock at our L’Hôtellerie-de-Flée premises in the Maine et Loire (49), NW of d’Angers (49)

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