Reclaimed parquet flooring

Reclaimed antique oak parquet has unique features hard (if not impossible) to replicate in new wood, and is frequently selected for classic historic projects, but also for contemporary interiors. After all, our reclaimed parquet and narrow straight floorboards, and more recently salvaged boarding derived from « wagon boards », are specifically chosen by home owners and professionals alike for entirely justified ecological reasons ….. don’t cut down more trees when reclaimed wood is available ! In addition it is well known that old wood is « slow grown », closer grained and denser than recent « fast grown » commercially forested trees. Appropriately installed and carefully maintained, reclaimed parquet wood flooring can last for a few centuries more ! 

Antique parquet flooring

So all agree that antique parquet flooring is timeless having acquired a natural patina that new “aged” parquet struggles to achieve. For example, typical in 19th century Haussmann era buildings of Paris and other cities, reclaimed oak parquet floors bring warmth and style to rooms thanks to the natural rich oak colour. That also rings true for historic interiors of previous centuries, and in other countries. However that upper patina may or may not be what is sought after for the project, which means that some of our references are re-milled ….. after all, beautiful old wood has more character and natural colour variation than new so they are top choices for more up-market projects. However when the original upper surface patina is retained, we generally include surface brushing to a lesser or greater degree. We can also re-calibrate damaged or difficult to re-lay consignments, de-nailing then re-milling edges and tongues & grooves, calibrating the undersides to a regular thickness. Re-calibration such as this enables faster and easier installation, and permits a lower skill level for the installers. However this all carries a cost, logically making reclaimed parquet ready to re-lay higher priced than industrial mass-produced engineered wood flooring or synthetic bad copies of the real thing.

Although BCA are major stockholders of antique reclaimed floorboards, appropriate for a more rustic « country » style, for more refined interiors requiring authentic materials and character, it is narrow floorboards and parquet that are more appropriate. Narrow boards are also far more appropriate than wide boards when installed over underfloor heating systems.

Mainly in oak and pine (but occasionally sourced in elm, walnut, chestnut etc), our reclaimed antique parquet can receive various finishes such as brushed, oiled, waxed or varnished …… or nothing at all. Each finish will bring a different look to your project’s flooring. Authentic parquet floors are highly appreciated in France, across Europe and around the world for their authenticity and style, and enable homes owners, interior designers and architects to transform rooms with authenticity, patina and style.

French parquet flooring

For over 20 years BCA Antique Materials has been exporting quality antique reclaimed solid wood flooring all over France, and worldwide. Our professional team makes every effort to meet customer requirements for length, width and thickness of the parquet when re-milled options are required. To facilitate installation of reclaimed parquet flooring, and depending the characteristics of particular consignments, our workshops can cater for bespoke orders. Refer to our other antique wood flooring sections to view more decorative parquet such as : chevron, herringbone, and Versailles panels in different sizes. Different designers have their favourites, and specify repeatedly. We also have vast stocks of antique oak beams and roof timbers, so can re-mill this antique French oak to sizes required for making doors, stair treads, shelves, window ledges, and ceiling joists etc.

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