Reclaimed parquet flooring

Reclaimed oak parquet has unique features hard to replicate, and has the advantage of being selected for modern or more classic historic projects. Carefully maintained, reclaimed parquet floor can last for centuries. Antique parquet flooring is timeless having acquired a natural patina that new “aged” parquet struggles to achieve. For example typical in the 19th century Haussmann era buildings of Paris, reclaimed oak parquet floors bring warmth and style to the rooms thanks to the natural rich colour of the oak.

Antique parquet flooring

Mainly in oak and pine, but also in elm, walnut, chestnut etc, our antique oak parquet can have various finishes such as brushed, oiled, waxed or varnished, or nothing at all. Each finish will bring a different look to your project. Authentic parquet flooring is highly appreciated in France, across Europe and around the world for its authenticity and style, and its faculty to transform a room.

For over 20 years BCA Antique Materials has been exporting quality solid wood flooring all over the world. Our professional team makes every effort to meet customer requirements for length, width and thickness of the parquet. To facilitate installation of reclaimed parquet flooring, and depending the characteristics of particular consignments, our workshops can re-mill for example the tongues and grooves and plane. Re-calibration such as this enables faster and easier installation.

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