Reclaimed Haussmann-era French oak parquet

Reference : 201613

Reclaimed Haussmann-era French oak parquet: Beautiful set of antique Haussmannian oak parquet flooring from the 19th century. Authentic natural patina and de-nailed parquet. Highly present in Haussmannian apartments in Paris.

With this reclaimed parquet, you bring the timeless charm of the Haussmannian era into your interior. It embodies the elegance and iconic refinement of Parisian apartments. The characteristic oak tones add unparalleled depth and warmth. This characterful flooring is the preferred choice for those seeking authenticity.

Large quantity in stock.

Metric dimensions approx :

  • Mixed lengths : from 800 mm to 2000 mm | from 31 to 78 inches
  • Mixed widths : 80mm to 100mm | 3.15 to 3.94 inches
  • Thickness : 23mm, 24mm | approx 1 inch (not-calibrated in thickness)

Stocked and visible at BCA’s Maine et Loire premises at L’Hotellerie-de-Flée.

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