Reclaimed Haussmann-era French oak parquet

Reference : 201613

Reclaimed Haussmann-era French oak parquet. Authentic antique 19th century French oak parquet flooring. BCA have a large surface area available, with good upper surface patina that has been brushed. Stocked and visible at BCA’s Maine et Loire premises at L’Hotellerie-de-Flée.

Metric dimensions approx :

Mixed lengths : from 800mm to 2000mm. Mixed widths : 80mm to 100mm. Thickness : 23mm, 24mm not-calibrated in thickness

Imperial dimensions approx :

Mixed lengths : from 31 to 78 inches. Mixed widths : 3.15 to 3.94 inches. Thickness : approx 1 inch, not-calibrated in thickness

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