Engineered reclaimed oak flooring

Reference : 201639

Engineered reclaimed oak flooring: Reclaimed antique French oak that has been milled and adhered to a plywood backing. The upper solid oak veneer is 4mm (0.16 inch) thick, overall board thickness is 15mm (0.6 inch). These parquet boards have received an oiled pre-finish, and are ready to install.

Metric Dimensions approx:

  • Mixed lengths : 375mm to 1150 mm
  • Mixed regular widths : 90mm
  • Thickness : 15 mm including 4 mm solid oak top veneer

Imperial Dimensions approx:

  • Mixed lengths : 14.75 to 45.25 inches
  • Mixed regular widths : 3.54 inches
  • Thickness : 0.59 inch including 0.16 inch solid oak top veneer

Living room with engineered reclaimed oak flooring

Featured Project:
Living room with engineered reclaimed oak flooring


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