Versailles flooring

The Versailles parquet (or “Versailles Panels”) is made up of carefully assembled wooden panels. These oak panels take their name from the “Chateau de Versailles” for which the motif was created to replace marble floors in the castle with that pattern. Most of our panel references are made using our antique French oak from the extensive stocks stored at our Maine & Loire base. Although many are destined for projects overseas, owners of « Monuments Historiques » properties in France choose BCA Antique Materials parquet for their restoration projects thereby approaching the authenticity they require.

Versaille parquet flooring

In order to assemble a Versailles flooring panel, and the different patterns such as our « Anjou » version, all the pieces of oak are held together with a clever matrix of mortise & tenon points and frame jointed together with pegs. For a traditional installation it is possible to hidden-nail the panels down to battens or joists. The perimeter of each panel has a milled groove, and we supply thin oak strips to use as tongues to fit each panel to the panels alongside. Our Versailles parquet panels are usually supplied without an applied finish, but pre-finishes can be arranged (see the stock website for current options in stock). The choice of the customer and the desired result will determine the choice between varnish, oil or wax. In order to enhance the authentic and antique aspect of reclaimed oak parquet, an oiled or waxed finish works well. BCA’s panels in antique reclaimed oak really do come as close as possible to the actual parquet at Versailles.

Versaille panels

At BCA we offer different types of Versailles parquet and other classic pattern panels. Occasionally we manage to source genuine antique Versailles panels, but mainly we supply our newly assembled but traditional versions made from our stocks of reclaimed French oak. We can also supply matching border pieces for room perimeters, doorways, window reveals and even stair treads, all in the same matching oak with patina as chosen for the Versailles panels themselves.

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