Versailles panels in new oak with brushed finish

Reference : 201670

Traditionally assembled “Parquet de Versailles” panels made from new oak, with a heavily brushed surface finish that has pronounced the wood grain. These Versailles panels are jointed with mortices, tenons and pegs, in solid oak, NOT glued to plywood as “faux” flooring. However the oak is new, so for the same size panels in antique oak see refs 01211, 01301, or in smaller sizes see refs 01297, 49076, 49075, 49077 and 01300, or new oak with antique patina see refs 49080 and 201542.

Metric Dimensions :

1000mm x 1000mm x thickness 20mm.

Metric Dimensions :

39.37 x 39,37 inches x thickness 0.8 inch.

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