Reclaimed french oak Versailles panels

Reference : 01211

Antique French Oak Versailles Panels : Traditionally hand-made and assembled “Parquet de Versailles” panels made from very old antique French oak timbers (eg: 18th C), re-milled. These Versailles panels are hand-made fully jointed with mortices, tenons and pegs, in solid antique French oak, and we then do a wax patina finish. They are assembled in the traditional French way, NOT glued to plywood as “faux” flooring. The option to supply the separation strips used in the floors of French Monuments Historiques is available – consult us.

Dimensions :

  • Metric dimensions approx: panel measures 100 x 100cm (1 sq metre per panel) x 20mm thick.
  • Imperial dimensions approx: panels 39.37 x 39.37 inches (10.76 sq ft per panel) x 0.8 inch approx.

Bespoke formats are possible for specific room sizes, and other pieces such as skirting boards, stair treads, floor boards for borders and doorway thresholds etc – contact us.

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