Simple antique limestone fireplace

Reference : 2024033

Simple antique limestone fireplace: This 3 piece antique stone fireplace comprises two robust side jambs supporting a straight lintel. It is adorned with the simplest of carved moulding, with a quarter round at the upper left and right corners. It is the austere simplicity of the fireplace that makes it so striking. Modest and not at all ostentatious, unmistakably antique and Truly Reclaimed, it is ideal for a project such as an ancient cottage, servants’ quarters or rustic kitchen restoration where authenticity is paramount.

Nothing about this antique fireplace confines it to « looking French », so it will be suitable for an authentic restoration in many different countries, such as a “Tudor restoration” in the British Isles.

Dimensions approx:

  • Overall width 149cm x Height 120cm x Front-to-Back 30cm.
    Overall width 59 inches x Height 47.3 inches x Front-to-Back 12 inches.
  • Width between side jambs 91cm x Height below lintel 93cm.
    Width between side jambs 36 inches x Height below lintel 37 inches.

On display in BCA’s premises at Méry-Corbon between Caen & Lisieux in Normandy.

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