Antique white limestone fireplace

Reference : 2023216

Antique white limestone fireplace: This Classic French fireplace is in French limestone which is whiter than usual, although strictly speaking it is an off-white, not a pure white. A previous owner had it renovated and applied a lime-type whitewash to its surfaces, and this whiteness makes it particularly distinctive. The design of this Truly Reclaimed antique chimneypiece is a Classic cantilever forward thanks to its double corbel blocks. There is a left and right lintel return block supplied (visible sat on the floor on the right side on one of the photos).

Of relatively simple design, whilst Classic in appearance there are no finely carved moulding along the edges or the flat surfaces other than around the top edge of the mantel shelf. It will find its place in an interior with a 16th/17th century theme, or a more contemporary eclectic interior.

Dimensions approx :

  • Overall height : 143 cm (57 inches)
  • Overall width : 165 cm (65 inches)
  • Front to back : 85 cm (33.5 inches)
  • Height below lintel : 118 cm (47 inches)
  • Lintel height : 24 cm (9.5 inches)
  • Width between side jambs : 128 cm (50.3 inches)
  • Side jamb thickness : 15 cm (6 inches)

This Truly Reclaimed French fireplace is set up for viewing at our storage and display depot at Méry Corbon, between Caen and Lisieux in Normandy.

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