Antique Stone Troughs

Antique stone troughs are still very present across rural France. Either for feed or for water for livestock, from chickens to cart horses they would all be fed and watered from different shapes and sizes of troughs, some truly vast. Directly carved from blocks of stone, these old troughs are in limestone, sandstone, schist or slate. As our antique water fountain, horse troughs can be particularly big, and sometimes feature decorative carved moldings if their original provenance is from a “noble” location.

Reclaimed stone troughs

Nowadays they are often purchased for use as garden features or planters, and can be designed into water features. The authentic patina of these antique stone troughs, gained over centuries, is far more attractive than any mass-produced imported stone replicas. We sometimes have circular troughs and tubs that would have been used for different purposes, such as food or olive oil storage, or even laundry tubs.

Reclaimed trough sink

At BCA Matériaux Anciens, we endeavor to maintain a good selection of old stone troughs and “tubs”. We have been supplying these architectural salvage for projects great and small across France, and exporting too, for more than 20 years.

Over 100 years of age, the more significant ones are the subject of an application to the French Ministry of Culture to obtain an export certificate.

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