Antique stone trough in schist

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Antique stone trough in schist: An antique reclaimed stone trough hand-carved from a single block. It may be as recent as 19th century but could well be much older. It was originally used as a feed trough in a farm-yard or in the fields. Schist is a slate-type stone and was mined near Angers and is very local to BCA’s Maine & Loire premises. The area was France’s principal roof slate mining region over the centuries, with lots of associated solid slate products such as troughs and fireplaces made too.

Well weathered, with a blue-black colour (light blue when dry, but nearly black when wet) it is particularly attractive and will can be used as a garden or terrace planter. Some interior designers integrate stone troughs such as this one into wet room designs, positioning them below a water point in boot rooms, wine cellars, greenhouses, near Al-Fresco dining areas or even bathrooms (more ambitious, but possible).

The front right corner has an angle cut by the stone carver. That right end is more weathered than the left end. This adds character, whereas the other end is squarer indicating that the left end of this trough had been positioned into the angle of a wall.

Dimensions approx :

  • Overall : length 148cm x width 36cm x height 17cm
    Overall : length 58.25 x width 14.2 x height 6.7 inches
  • Inside : length 127 cm x width 24cm x depth 12cm
    Inside : length 50 x width 9.5 x depth 4.75 inches

On display in our Maine & Loire architectural salvage displays at L’Hôtellerie-de-Flée north of Segré (49).

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