Double antique limestone trough

Reference : 2023113

Double antique limestone trough : Sourced from old stables, this splendid double feed trough was hand-made in hard French limestone. It has double oval « basins » and 2 wrought iron rings on the front face. Centuries-old and Truly Reclaimed it is no newer than 19th century and the patina still features visible tool marks not fully worn away. It would be ideal to re-use it as a feed trough in traditional stables, especially if the stables are historic. It could also be adapted as a garden planter or water feature . It was originally fitted against a wall. Some clients adapt troughs such as this as sinks or wash-basins for a bathroom, a boot room, or a greenhouse.

Dimensions approx :

  • Overall length : 166cm (65.5 inches)
  • Width : 40cm (15.75 inches)
  • Height : 21cm (8.25 inches)
  • Basin lengths : 70cm (27.5 inches)
  • Basin widths : 28cm (11 inches)
  • Depth : 12cm (4.7 inches)

On display in the architectural salvage yard at BCA’s new premises at Pont L’Evêque, south of Deauville in Normandy.

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