Heavyweight antique stone trough

Reference : 2023219

Heavyweight antique stone trough: This big antique horse trough is well squared off, hand-hewn in French limestone which then received a neat bush-hammered finish that has weathered nicely since the 19th century. It might be older though, but its condition suggests it is 100 to 200 years of age. It will have been positioned below the outlet of a spring or a water pump, or it may have collected rainwater. It can be re-used as a water trough, or as a water feature in a garden design, or used as a planter. 

Dimensions approx:

  • Length : 105 cm (41.5 inches)
  • Width : 53 cm (21 inches)
  • Height : 45 cm (18 inches)
  • Inside length : 92 cm (36 inches)
  • Inside width :  40cm (15.5 inches)
  • Inside depth : 30 cm (12 inches)

On display at BCA’s new showrooms and landscaped displays at Pont L’Evêque, just south of Deauville in Normandy.

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