Antique grey stone trough or planter

Reference : 201986

Antique grey stone trough or planter : It is carved from local volcanic stone, presumed 19th century or older, with provenance from a rural French farm.

  • Metric exterior dimensions approx: length 92cm x width 44cm x height 30cm.
  • Imperial exterior dimensions approx: length 36 inches x width 17.5 inches x height 12 inches.
  • Metric interior dimensions approx: length 79cm x width 32cm x depth 23cm.
  • Imperial interior dimensions approx: length 31 inches x width 12.5 inches x depth 9 inches.

You can view it along with many other authentic antique garden antiques and antique materials, flooring and paving at BCA Antique Materials landscaped displays in Normandy at our Méry Corbon premises, between Caen and Lisieux.

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