Antique French Louis XIV fireplace with overmantel

Reference : 201520

Antique French Louis XIV fireplace with overmantel : Antique chimney piece in French limestone dating from the late 17th century or early 18th century. It features classic “Bourgogne” (Burgundy) cantilever side jambs. One of the photos shows it prior to removal with flat terra-cotta “tiled” back (not supplied). Historically and esthetically appropriate thin bricks can be supplied by BCA.

Metric Dimensions approx :

  • Height overall : 2340mm x Width : 1520mm
  • Height below lintel (“firebox”) : 1100mm x Width between jambs (“firebox”) : 1150mm  – Weight approx 1200 kgs.

Imperial Dimensions approx :

  • Height overall : 92 inches x Width : 60 inches
  • Height below lintel (“firebox”) : 43.30 inches x Width between jambs (“firebox”) : 45.25 inches – Weight approx 2,650 lbs US.

On display at BCA’s Normandy premises at Mery Corbon.

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