Stair treads made with reclaimed wide pine boards

Steps of staircase made with reclaimed wide pine boards

For their renovation project, our clients needed to install new stairs. To create the wooden stair treads, they used reclaimed wide pine boards which we brush-sanded beforehand. It's an excellent idea that we are about to explore…

Britanny, France

Cheese shelf boards


The project

Our clients purchased a charming house in Finistère for renovation. Their project included the design and installation of a custom-made staircase.

Our private clients purchased a charming cottage for renovation in the Finistère region of Britanny. Their project included the design and installation of a single flight of simple stairs without a guard rail (so not in compliance with building regulations).

They built a basic sturdy structure using plywood. An off-white render giving that lime-mortar look was applied over the entire structure. The steps then had our old brushed pine cheese shelf boards fitted into position.

These Truly Reclaimed wide pine boards were previously used by a cheese-maker for storing and maturing cheeses. After years of use, they were reclaimed for a second purpose, with clients re-using them for thick flooring, partitions, wall coverings …. and stair treads such as these.

The result is highly successful. The natural colours complement the stone wall with lime pointing and wall renders. The staircase blends seamlessly with the room's historic cottage ambiance, contributing to the creation of a cosy and warm living space.

The product

202006 - Reclaimed wide pine boards – brush-sanded

The photos

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