Office layout with antique oak flooring

The interior layout of an office plays a fundamental role in the well-being of employees and the quality of work. In particular, the use of antique parquet can transform the atmosphere of a professional space into an inspiring and functional environment. Hence, the use of French railway oak rustic planed boards for this purpose.


Oak wagon board


The project

Here is a successful realization of an office space using antique oak flooring. It comes from an old SNCF (French National Railway Company) wagon that was salvaged during the modernization of trains.

This choice imparts an industrial, authentic, and distinctive personality to the environment. The remarkable harmony results from the judicious combination of various materials such as glass, steel, and wood.

Wagon-style floors, available in various finishes, adapt perfectly to the specificity of your project.

This project was executed by the company Kubik.

The product

01368 - French railway oak rustic planed boards

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