Patrimoine tiles and medium cabochons : Realization in Normandy

The "dallage cabochon" (called Lightly patinated Patrimoine tiles + medium cabochons) has been in existence since the 18th century. It was long favored as the preferred covering in noble residences and prestigious establishments of that era. Today, it remains an essential element in the interior renovation of characterful homes. Terrazzo flooring adds a touch of uniqueness and seamlessly complements a variety of different decorations.




The project

This house entrance has been adorned with octagonal cabochon paving.

The limestone tiles come in a 33 x 33 cm format, while the blue stone cabochons measure 10 x 10 cm.

Both feature an aged finish, adding a classic and timeless touch to the overall design.

The use of this authentic flooring will impart an old-world charm and remarkable elegance to the entrance.

The product

01012 - Lightly patinated Patrimoine tiles + medium cabochons

The photos

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