Restaurant with raw oak railway wagon board flooring

The flooring of a restaurant plays a crucial role in defining its overall aesthetics. In this project, the raw oak wagon-style floor imparts an authentic and warm ambiance to the space. This aged wooden floor, steeped in history, skillfully blends tradition with modernity.


Oak wagon board


The project

Beyond the culinary experience offered by the restaurant, the floor is a crucial distinctive element of its identity.

The meticulous choice of raw oak wagon flooring provides an antique and industrial aesthetic to the interior decor. With its raw finish, this antique wooden floor creates a unique atmosphere, capturing the essence of the past while harmonizing with modernity.

The various finishes available for this wagon floor allow for customization tailored to each ambiance, adding a final touch to your own project.

Note: As this product is no longer available in stock, we recommend a similar flooring option, such as oak boxcar flooring.

The product

201863 - Reclaimed oak railway wagon board flooring

The photos

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