Railway oak planed boards in a living room

The ingenious use of French railway oak rustic planed boards transform the atmosphere of this living room, creating an industrial spirit.


Oak wagon board


The project

For the renovation of this living room, the owners were seeking a unique flooring option. The choice of oak flooring from train wagons naturally stood out.

Originally, these planks formed the floor of SNCF (French National Railway Company) wagons, having been walked upon by millions of travellers. This speaks to their great resistance and durability. During the modernization of trains, these planks were reclaimed to give them a new lease on life.

In addition to their ecological character (linked to the reuse of wood through recycling) and robustness, the wagon planks impart exceptional charm. Our clients chose to infuse an industrial style into their interior. The use of black metal, glass, dark wood, and leather contributes to shaping this singular aesthetic.

The product

01368 - French railway oak rustic planed boards

The photos

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