A historic farmhouse in Normandy

The first impression matters greatly. The entrance terrace, in particular, is the first thing your guests notice when they arrive at your home. This space should be welcoming, in addition to highlighting the unique character of your property. This is where the Angoulême French limestone flagstones with its antique finish comes into play.




The project

Reclaimed railway wagon boards for decking

A magnificent reclaimed oak wagon boards, with unparalleled rustic quality. An ideal reference for achieving an antique and distinctive industrial look. Here, the use of metal to define the terrace perimeter enhances this aesthetic. Our company takes care of customizing the wooden boards in our workshop according to your project.

The terrace structure is a metal framework. It was crafted using railway "cross" girders supporting the deck. This platform is attached to a wall and rests on two building stone pillars.

A rill made of water-course gullies

Known as drainage channels or runoff channels, our granite pieces help prevent the infiltration of rainwater and seamlessly integrate into an antique renovation project.

The steps were crafted from rectangular granite blocks and antique setts.

Various developments with antique materials

Here are two more examples of antique products used: antique cobblestones and antique terracotta tiles.

Most of them (or comparable materials) are available in stock at either of BCA Antique Materials’ showrooms. Deliveries are easily organized directly to projects across Europe and worldwide.

Materials such as these are equally appropriate for UK projects. EG: BCA’s antique limestone flagstones and setts are regularly specified for Cotswolds projects.

View them on our website that is rigorously kept up to date, and see a selection every year in London at The Landscape Show where you’ll meet David Ackers (contact +33 607019026 or david.bca@mac.com)

The products

00107 - Reclaimed oak wagon boards
00419 - Reclaimed French limestone walling
00107 - Reclaimed oak wagon boards
01589 - Antique granite gullies
00901 - Antique reclaimed French cobblestone
01212 - Antique French terra cotta tiles



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