1. The project

All design professionals and suppliers appreciate returning to successful projects years later, seeing how the scheme has matured, and the positive contacts with their client.

This isolated Norman farmhouse and gardens was sympathetically restored, extended and landscaped 20 years ago using literally tonnes of BCA Matériaux Anciens reclaimed antique materials. Returning there was a particular pleasure for the French firm’s anglophone maestro David Ackers, as it was he who’d designed and overseen the project before becoming so involved with BCA Matériaux Anciens’ export department. It was the occasion to take more photos during their phase of renewing gravel, and various gardening tasks.


2. Deck with stone and boards

  • Railway « cross » girders supporting a deck and wall building stone
  • Reclaimed railway wagon boards for decking
reclaimed wagon boards from BCA Antique Materials

Reclaimed wagon boards

Very good rustic aspect

reclaimed limestone walling antique

Reclaimed French walling

Similar to Cotswolds stone

Reclaimed schiste walling

Rustic slate

caen limestone walling

Caen limestone

Similar to Cotswolds stone

3. a rill made of water-course gullies

  • Granite troughs, fed water from a rill made of water-course gullies
  • Granite steps, and paving and setts
stock of gutter stone

Antique Granite Gullies

Integrate into your landscaping

our french antique granite steps

Antique granite steps

Various sizes available

antique sett granite cobble stone

Granite cobble stones

Mixed granite tones

Reclaimed cobblestone

Sandstone / Gritstone

4. Other equivalents

Most of them (or comparable materials) are available from stock at either of BCA Antique Materials’ two stockyards, depots and showrooms in Normandy (East of Caen) and in the Maine & Loire (North-West of Angers). Deliveries are easily organized directly to projects across Europe and worldwide.
Materials such as these are equally appropriate for UK projects. EG: BCA’s antique limestone flagstones and setts are regularly specified for Cotswolds projects.

View them on our website that is rigorously kept up to date, and see a selection every year in London at The Landscape Show where you’ll meet David Ackers (contact +33 607019026 or david.bca@mac.com)

reclaimed terra cotta tiles from BCA premises

Antique terra-cotta tiles

16x16cm format

Antique farmyard trough

Rustic old limestone