Restaurant with antique pine and oak parquet flooring

This restaurant aimed to showcase its eclectic side through its flooring. Therefore, it opted for antique pine flooring with varied color tones on some planks. To adorn the lower part of the walls, Haussmannian oak parquet planks serve as wainscoting.


Oak and pine parquet


The project

Pine antique parquet

The flooring of this restaurant is crafted from antique pine parquet, showcasing various colors on some planks.

The parquet has a thickness of 21 mm and features a bonded support with an aged wood patina (6 mm solid). The unique patina of the parquet brings a rustic and countryside spirit to the restaurant.

The combination of furniture with the parquet is a success. The color of the chairs and the flooring harmonize to create a beautiful synergy.

Note: This parquet is no longer available in stock. We recommend the vintage teak green parquet as a similar alternative.

Reclaimed French oak parquet flooring

Also noticeable on the lower part of the restaurant walls are Haussmannian oak parquet planks. This is a genuine reclaimed antique parquet with an authentic aged patina.

The combination of these various antique parquets creates a warm and unique atmosphere in this restaurant.

Project stakeholders

This project was carried out by the following companies:

  • Client: Le Rosemarie
  • Architect: Atelier RMA
  • Carpenter: Noblebois

The product

202081 - Vintage teak parquet with green paint
201684 - Reclaimed French oak parquet flooring

The photos

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