Reclaimed quarry tiles

Tiles in fired earth, the classic Terra Cotta floor tiles of France, have always been sourced and reclaimed by BCA Matériaux Anciens right from the start of the business (last century !). They are often sourced very locally

Antique quarry tiles

Over the centuries the region’s artisans extracted local clay and used wood-burning kilns to fire their hand-made tiles of various sizes in the characteristic peachy-orange blend of colours. They would vary their production to suit demand, so sizes can vary, but the classics in approx 10 x 10cm (4 x 4 inches), 16 x 16cm (6 x 6 inches), 22 x 22cm (8 x 8 inches), hexagons and even rectangles are generally available and kept in stock. Part of our service is to inspect each tile, to clean off old lime-mortar edges and undersides, and pressure wash them when necessary, thereby ensuring all the tiles you receive will be usable.

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