Reclaimed parefeuille and glazed rectangle floor tiles

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Reclaimed parefeuille and glazed rectangle floor tiles.
Combine our big antique rectangular « parefeuille » tiles 
With white hand-made glazed terracotta tiles (available in many colours)
Or with black hand-made glazed terracotta tiles

Choose from the same colour range as our Zelliges (new hand-made glazed « Zelliges » ) to make the terra-cotta floors or walls of your choice, such as on these temporary layout photos showing either N°1 BLANC NEIGE or N°5 NOIR. Suitable for interiors, and for exteriors in frost-free climates. The broad range of standard colors, and the possibility of making glazed tiles to match individual colour requirements and sizes, makes this hybrid tiled flooring particularly attractive to design professionals and private clients alike. We can also « distress » the glazed tile surface for a worn antique appearance. Our reclaimed parefeuille consignments vary so please consult us. They are not industrially uniform in colour or dimension, so will have a lot of character once installed. Laying them requires more patience and adjustment than many modern-day tilers are accustomed to.

Dimensions : 

  • These big parefeuille rectangles are available in sizes such as 20cm x 36cm (8 inches x 14 inches) x thickness approx 25 to 30mm (just over 1 inch).
  • The glazed tiles on these test layouts measure approx 7.5cm x 15cm (3 x 6 inches) x thickness 15mm (0.6 inch).
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