Reclaimed bricks

At BCA Antique Materials we maintain stocks of reclaimed bricks which our imaginative clients use on projects from building fireplace back walls, vaulted ceilings, walls of course, and even flooring. Brick colours vary from consignment to consignment: burnt reds, salmon-pink, orange or ochre, and we also stock the classic thin old clay bricks known here as “St Jean” briquettes.

Antique bricks

Our centuries-old bricks in smaller sizes are often described by our British clients as “Tudors”, proof that they integrate well into other countries’ vernacular architecture. The antique red bricks bring a unique charm to your project.

Salvaged bricks

Typical sizes in centimeters are approx: 5 x11x22cm, 3x11x22cm, 3x9x18cm, 3x9x16cm etc. Typical sizes in inches are approx: 2”x4.3”x8.6”, 1.2”x4.3”, 1.2”x4.3”x8.6”, 1.2”x3.5”x7”, 1.2”x3.5”x6.3”.
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