Reclaimed terracotta floor tiles

Reclaimed terracotta floor tiles gives a charming and natural and warm appearance to interiors. The subtly variable warm colors and shades of old terracotta are different to new terracotta flooring. With its patina that evolved over time, the french terracotta floor tiles can be integrated into historic or vernacular projects, or pure contemporary. At BCA Antique Materials we do NOT stock any NEW terracotta tiles, managing so far to cater for demand in France and overseas by sourcing antique terracotta. From darker reds through to peachy-orange tones, and even light beige and pinks, consignments do vary but certain refs that we stock do have good continuity.

Reclaimed terracotta tiles

Their colour variation is frequently the result of variable firing temperature in the kilns. All terracotta tiles have a degree of porosity, and that permits moisture permeability. However different surface treatments can be applied, either age-old such as wax or oil, or modern sealants to apply after installation as you would for stone flooring.
Typical sizes currently in stock:
– Hexagons : 18cm, 19cm, 20cm, 21cm, 22cm etc across.
– Square tiles : 10x10cm, 12x12cm, 16x16cm, 22x22cm, 28x28cm, 33x33cm.
– Rectangular : 13x26cm, 14x28cm, 20x36cm.

You are invited to visit either of our extensive premises with showrooms, warehouses and stockyards to see our products in our 2 premises in North West France in the Maine & Loire (49), and in the Calvados (14).

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