Reclaimed terracotta in a kitchen combining antique and modern styles

The 'old new' style is an increasingly popular trend in interior decoration. It aims to preserve the traditional aspect respecting the space, materials, and objects, while breathing new life into them.

With the installation of antique terracotta tiles (among other things), our client has perfectly embraced this beautiful harmony.


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Terra cotta

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The project

The Old New style stands out for its desire to enhance elements from past eras, harmoniously combined with contemporary pieces.

This aesthetic is evident in Charlotte Reiss's magnificent project.

The reclaimed hexagon terracotta, with their red tones, bring character to this kitchen. The authenticity of the weathered finish makes us believe they have been present for several decades.

The choice of antique-style kitchen furniture contributes to this unique atmosphere. The green hue complements the terracotta perfectly. Elegant moldings and golden handles accentuate the classic appearance.

The decor has a rustic spirit that blends perfectly with the intended ambiance.

These same Truly Reclaimed antique terracotta tiles can be found in the bathroom.

The product

Note: As this product is no longer available in stock, we can offer you very similar alternatives that are in stock now.

06666 - 01409 - Antique hexagonal terracotta

The photos

Photos credit : Charlotte Reiss

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