Kitchen renovation with antique terracotta tiles

For the renovation of her kitchen, our client wanted antique hexagonal terracotta tiles to match those already present in her dining room. It's a successful project with a beautiful outcome


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Our client, an interior designer, transformed the layout of the living area in her home upon its acquisition. Originally, the kitchen and dining room were separated by a wall. The dining room already had antique hexagonal terracotta floor tiles, while the kitchen floor was tiled and needed replacing.

Antique terracotta tiles

During the renovation, she wanted to open up the spaces by having the wall between these two rooms demolished. She chose to retain the antique terracotta tiles in the dining room. To maintain visual harmony, she turned to our terracotta tiles. The clean newly laid Truly Reclaimed BCA terracotta tiles in the kitchen subtly distinguish themselves from the existing ones in the dining room. Indeed, the latter retain their original appearance, slightly darkened by the passage of time and soon to be cleaned.

The transition between the two terracotta tile coverings is seamlessly executed, creating a beautiful coherence. Luckily we had just the right sized reclaimed consignment in stock. Their authentic and warm charm imparts a welcoming and character-filled atmosphere to the entire space. These two rooms, now united, harmonize perfectly. The brilliant marriage of the old and the modern creates a particularly successful ambiance.

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The product

Note: As this product is no longer available in stock, we can offer you very similar alternatives that are in stock now.

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Photos credit : Sophie Lloyd

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