Kitchen floor with herringbone pattern bricks

Bricks through the ages have been used for building walls of course, but also for paving and flooring. Full size bricks are rarely feasible for interior flooring. But our thin bricks are ideal for laying them like tiles.

We invite you to discover this carefully and patiently executed French farmhouse project right now.


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New Terracotta thin bricks

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The project

Since June 2021 Elise & David have been renovating a traditional old farmhouse full of character in the Loire-Atlantique department in West France to make it their special home.

Their project is taking shape day by day. Having reached the stage of renovating the floor of their open-plan kitchen and adjacent spaces, they chose BCA's thin terracotta bricks.

They have laid over 3,000 bricks, one by one…. a straightforward task for building professionals, but a labour of patience for DIY projects. This floor now defines the beauty of their open-plan kitchen and dining areas. The herringbone pattern is perfect for giving the extended space a true personality, and was a frequent choice with traditional brick paving due the the interlocking robustness it provides. The light « lime mortar » beige grout highlights the full character of the terracotta. For projects with more of a « Victorian » or post-Industrial Revolution esthetic the joints could be grey, which would change the floors character to a more industrial or utilitarian look. Another approach is to close up the joints to make them nearly edge to edge, with a minimum width of grout.

This floor is another step of their project completed for a truly remarkable result. We wish them good luck with the rest of their project and all the success they deserve.

The product

2022160 - New “weathered” terra-cotta bricks

The photos


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