Antique materials and features at the Château de Chenonceau in the Loire Valley

Visiting the Chateau de Chenonceau in the Loire Valley is an inspiring eye-opener at any time of year. Yes it’s that « Renaissance chateau on the bridge » (spanning the River Cher) along with its beautifully re-created classic French gardens and adjacent farm and stable complex. Let’s have a look to the antique materials at the Château Chenonceau.

Chenonceau, like so many other French Monuments Historiques, is well protected and watched over by the conservation team of the region’s Direction Regional de la Culture (DRAC). Generations of experts will have been involved in restoration phases of the chateau and outbuildings. Of course authentic materials will have been retained in-situ, but appropriate authentic replacement materials were certainly sourced where required. A photo survey quickly shows that certain areas of materials have clearly been there for centuries, whereas others have been reclaimed for re-use.

Antique Materials at Chenonceau

Antique Materials at chateau Chenonceau

Identifying antique materials at the Château de Chenonceau that have their equivalents in the ranges of historic reclaimed materials at BCA Antique Materials is fairly easy. Without attempting a meticulous survey of Chenonceau, these photos show that roof tiles, cobblestones and flagstones, and limestone, terracotta and oak flooring and garden features, and even oak beams all have their equivalents at BCA, so please refer to these various links.

Our equivalents

01310 - Antique black and white check
00901 - Antique french cobblestones
01010 - Antique terra cotta tiles
01297 - Small Versailles panels


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